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Bush-Sun-Shutters-BlindsYou do not have to go far in order to have interior shutters installed in your home. At All About Blinds & Shutters, you will learn a lot about good window treatments. Since we’re so close, we can teach you even how to keep them maintained.

Most homes have poor indoor air quality which tends to create a lot of dust buildup on just about everything in the home including the window treatments. This can be so frustrating to some as it’s hard to get off.

All you need is a soft cloth and some safe type of cleaning solution which depending on the material it is created from, you will need either wood friendly or composite cleaner. Spray them down and wipe carefully.

You have to be very gentle with Bush blinds and shutters because they work with slats which are very brittle. Even the slightest tug can send them coming down. We always recommend using a step ladder or something to ensure they are handled properly.

Bush Blinds

Many blinds today have been updated to the point where they practically do not need any maintenance or repairs. Some of them even come motorized for added conveniences. Advancements made to them allow them to also become longer lasting.

Longer lasting Bush blinds can keep your home looking beautiful forever and trap the sun from coming in and damaging your interior. Too much exposed sunlight can also damage your wall hangings and the interior paint.

All About Blinds & Shutters are considered to be the pros when it comes to window blinds. There’s so many to choose from as they come in all styles. Call us today for your free consultation.

Bush Shades

If you’re not a blind or shutter person then take a look at our shades and all that they have to offer. Shades offer security for windows old and new. They can block out or let in sunlight to reduce the chances of health problems.

Not too many people are aware, but shades can protect one’s health. Keeping yourself out of the direct path of sunlight can reduce the chances of eye related problems and migraine headaches.

A better home means better shades. We only sell and install quality shades. We carry many brand names and have the style that you need in order to make your home look and feel more comfortable.

We are the Bush, LA blind and shutter experts who can take care of all the hard work while you get the opportunity to sit back and relax. Our shutters, blinds, shades and more are only a phone call away.


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